Advanced Assembly
Medical devices are related to the safety and health of users. Safety and effectiveness are the most basic requirements of medical devices. Medical devices need to meet the needs of users in the entire life cycle, so the reliability and traceability of process quality are always of top priority in the life cycle of medical devices. Through technological innovation, measurement and verification discovery, accuracy has become the essence of the development of advanced assembly.
With the strong comprehensive manufacturing capacity, advanced automation development technology and qualified medical device GMP system, MeHow provides clients with advanced medical device assembly services. In order to meet the needs of medical device registration and entrusted production, and drive customers with design and development capabilities focus on the design and development of medical devices, MeHow provides clients with one-stop manufacturing solutions from process development to entrusted production.
  • Automated precision assembly
  • Automated on-line detecting system
  • Cosmetic checking system
  • Product traceability system
  • Online packing automation