Tooling Manufacture
MeHow focuses on the manufacturing, research and development of various high-precision, complex and strict requirement medical tooling. After years of development and accumulated experience, MeHow has advanced tool manufacturing capabilities and R&D management experience, also own first-class technical team, which capable to provide high-quality and efficient service. With skillful and high-quality staffs, well-established design and manufacturing management system, advanced manufacturing equipment, and high standard manufacturing environment, MeHow provide support and guarantee for the processing and research and development of complex and high-precision medical molds.
Tooling Design
  • Product analysis and design optimization
  • plastic and LSR injection tooling design
  • Material selection for product and tooling
  • High temperature tooling design
  • Multi-component tooling design
  • Mold flow analysis
  • High speed tooling design
  • Plastic and LSR extrusion tooling design
  • Design Feasibility Analysis (DFM)
  • Multi-cavities tooling design
High Precision Manufacturing
    • LSR Precision Mold Solutions
    • Multi-component precision tooling
      LSR + Plastic
    • LSR Micro Parts tooling (0.02g)
    • LSR Thin Wall Parts tooling (0.05mm)
    • Plastic Precision Mold Solutions
    • Multi-component tooling
    • Insert tooling
    • High Temperature tooling (PEEK、PPSU、PEI、LCP)
    • Multi-cavity high speed tooling (cycle less than 10 seconds)