Technology Platform
Automation Technology and Application
In addition to achieving micron-μm precision, automated intelligent manufacturing can also reduce production cycles and downtime, increase production output, and ensure stability of product quality.
Motion Control System
  • Calibration procedures of vision robots and repeated precise positioning of jigs
  • packing automation system
Intelligent Precise Positioning System
  • Precision part positioning
  • Online mobile positioning
  • Visual orientation positioning
  • Multi-axis calibration and positioning
Detection & Test System
  • Flatness detection system
  • Repeatability detection system
  • Planarization detection system
  • Verticality detection system
  • Parallelism detection system
Automation Program Development System
  • Professional automation engineering team
  • Automation programming capability
  • Automated Injection molding by robot
  • Fully automated post-processing and assembly
  • Application of process indication system